Category: Inspired poems

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Slipping from the shadows

floating as softly as breath

stirring my senses and whispering deep into my dreams

an image so tall, so powerful

a creature of dark places with such beauty to beguile

feasting upon the essence of my life

leaving my body soulless as if caught by death

But do not be deceived

beware the next twilight hour …



There are creatures of the night that you could never quite imagine

craving more than just your blood, lusting for your attention

driven by a thirst that will not be sated by your soul

every part of you is wanted and needed as a whole

capturing your mind to bring you to your knees

delighting in the desperate sounds …




The Moon Is Full
Strange things will occur during this mystical summers night
whilst the moon is full and ghostly in the dark skies,
I sense below my window, foot steps of impatience

the silence broken by low rumbled growling,
I should be scared, desperate seeking out my place to hide
but something intrigues and lures me out in to …




Come softly creep through deep green woods
careful not to disturb this enchanted place
towards the sparkle of locked away dreams
excited to catch a glimpse
of forgotten magic and delight
now older in your years
you tell yourself not to come
for no longer have you the eyes to see
but here in the woods is the most …




funny short poems…

James is really dead
and now Victoria is to,
Laurant was a problem
but the werewolves ran him through,
That means the Volturi’s all that’s left
and now their coming after ‘YOU! ‘



Edward had a little lamb
her name was Bella Swan,
and every where that …