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One of my favourite places throughout England has with out any doubt got to be Wales.
Many people ask me why, but it’s easier just to show you…

The pictures below are some of our families own personal holiday snaps.

We even came across Edward Cullens Volvo at the services, at least that’s what our 2 young daughters …




This is something I came across along time ago but had forgot about until now. It’s basically like the Chinese  horoscope but  with Trees instead of animals.

Simply find the date in the list when you were born then look across to find out which tree you fell from ( so to speak ) then find …




I was feeding our family rabbit this morning, and as i was fussing him, i started thinking about the names we have given to our pets, and how they basically reflect back on the things that our 2 daughters have been in to over the years.
For example….

our 4 year old jack russell terrier …




I have always been captivated by ‘the guardians of stone’, the solem way they sit on top of old buildings, silently keeping watch on the world below.
I personally do not find them at all un-attractive as others do.
I would truly love to beleave in the myths of old , claiming that these strange creatures come …