The True Wolf Man


Above is a picture of a truly remarkable man who spends his whole life living with a pack of wolves.

I watched a documentary a few years ago about  Shaun Ellis and his love of wolves and was totally amazed by what I saw.

Shaun is an English man originally from the village of Great Massingham,  near King’s Lynn in Norfolk (not all that far from me), who gave up everything he had to study wolves.  He adopted a pack of 3 abandoned North American timber wolf cubs in 2005  that had been snubbed by their mother when born.  Shaun works as the founder and head of Wolf Pack Management at Combe Martin wildlife park in North Devon where  he completely immersed himself in the task of raising the abandoned cubs and becoming their tutor and pack Alpha, He would be with the wolves constantly, teaching, eating, sleeping and playing with them.

Out of the 3 wolves my favourite very quickly became ‘Tamaska’ the most affectionate and somewhat quieter member of the pack, with his beautiful face and  black coat, making you wonder how wolves could ever have been given such a dreadful reputation as something to be feared and hunted down. There is a fantastic moment when Tamaska is still a tiny pup and Shaun teaches him to howl for the first time, you just can not help but get emotional.

Watch the video





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