What A Vampire Wants

Have you got what it takes to be the kind of girl every Vampire male wants?


Lets take a look at what normally appeals to these gorgeous, blood thirsty, un-dead men…

It seems to me that in almost every Book I have read or Movie/TV show I have watched, Vampires appear to be lured by dark hair and soulful brown eyes (yes!, that’s me in with a chance  🙂 ). For example in the 1980’s movie The Lost Boys, ‘Star’- who although a Vampire herself, is the main love interest in this story, and guess what?, she has dark hair and eyes, Then we have Elizabeth from Bram Stoker’s Dracula, also dark etc, next we have Bella Swan who we all know from the very brilliant Twilight and of course she has yet again dark hair and big brown eyes, finally we have the beautiful Elena Gilbert from the great new series The Vampire Diaries , who surprise! has lovely long dark hair and tearful brown eyes.  The only real exception to this rule of being the ‘right type’ to have a hot vampire boyfriend is Suki Stackhouse, the bubbly blonde from True Blood.

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So girls I figure that this is what you need to do…

Five Humorous Steps To Becoming A Vampires Girlfriend

Step one  : If you don’t already have long brown hair, then get to the shops and buy some hair dye or go find somewhere that sells wigs.

Step two : Don’t panic if your eyes are not brown, you can easily get coloured contacts to put in.

Step three : Play at being all moody and mysterious, you have to act as if you don’t really fit in and that your life is in some way tragic.

Step four :  You have to appear as if you can’t make it through a single day without hurting yourself  or needing to be rescued from some kind of trouble  you’re a danger magnet.

Step five : If you still haven’t managed to lure your very own Vampire love, then try moving to somewhere new with a passed history for vampire hunting and a weird name like Forks or Mystic Falls, Failing that just go straight to the Carpathian mountains in Romania and wait to see what happens.




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Vampire Boyfriend


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