Whats Wrong With Being A Twilight Mum?

whats wrong with being a twilight mum?


When visiting other Twilight related sites, you’ll often come across comments posted by disgruntled ‘Haters‘, moaning about how rubbish they think it is, and some start complaining about us mums (moms), Writing stupid stuff like, ” whats wrong with you, you’re to old for that ” and ” why don’t you grow up? “.


We’re to old for what exactly?….

Reading Books?
Watching Movies?
Having Active Imaginations?
Being Passionate About Something?
Finding People Attractive?.

I’m just going to put my hot water bottle down, get my false teeth back in and then shuffle off to collect my weekly pension. lol.

My friends don’t have a problem with me loving Twilight, most of them like it too, the ones that don’t, never say anything. My hubby doesn’t seem to mind, i even call him ‘my werewolf’ because he’s big, muscly and keeps me warm, As for our 2 daughters, well their just as mad about it as i am (so no problem there).

So lets set things straight shall we MOMS ?

We’re just enjoying something we like, Sharing it with others, and not doing any harm.

So the message from this Twilight mom is…
bite me
“BITE ME!!!”


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  1. Alice100 January 10, 2010 10:42 am  Reply

    You go girl!
    When i’m a mom i know i’m still going to love it.
    ‘Twilight Moms Rock’!

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