The Moon Is Full



The Moon Is Full

Strange things will occur during this mystical summers night
whilst the moon is full and ghostly in the dark skies,
I sense below my window, foot steps of impatience 
the silence broken by low rumbled growling,
I should be scared, desperate seeking out my place to hide
but something intrigues and lures me out in to the unknown,
Closer the foot steps come till warm breath lingers upon my skin
my mind whirls with every feeling but i know i will be safe,
Where is my fear, my terror, the instincts to run
why do i step nearer to this hunter, when i know i will be caught,
I reach up with trembling fingers for soft fur to caress,
as a whisper on the breeze softly calls out “you are mine”.

By Talena-maria





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  1. Alice100 April 1, 2010 6:56 pm  Reply

    I love this poem and the creatures of pleasure one, they’re really good.

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