What We Name Our Pets.


I was feeding our family rabbit this morning, and as i was fussing him, i started thinking about the names we have given to our pets, and how they basically reflect back on the things that our 2 daughters have been in to over the years.
For example….

our 4 year old jack russell terrier is called BENJI- named after the childrens programme ‘Enji Benji’, which our youngest daughter adored when she was a toodler.

Then theres LUCY- our long haired grey and white fluff ball of a cat, who was named by our eldest daughter after ‘Lucy’ from the Lion the witch and the wardrobe.

Then comes our earlier mentioned rabbit, who is nearly a year old, and was fondly named JASPER BUNNY-by our youngest, who as you have probably guessed has a bit of a thing for Jackson Rathbone out of ‘Twilight’.

Our newest but by no means youngest addition to the family is our black cat who is now 7 years old and was adopted from a local animal shelter last summer. At the time we were busy watching the ‘True Blood series and loved Bill Comptons character. The girls wanted to name him Baby, but my hubby and i wanted him to be Bill, so he’s ended up being called BABY BILL.

Years ago we had a rabbit called HERMIONE (Harry potter fans back then),
and a hamster called SCOOBY DOO, so i am amazed that our king snake got off so lightly with a simple name like SQUISHY lol.
If we were to get any more additions to the family now, (which i have had to say NO! to, before we end up as the local zoo), i know with out any doubt that they would be a little EDWARD and JACOB.

Love to know about your pets and the names you’ve given them.

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  1. muscles68 January 10, 2010 3:10 pm  Reply

    You forgot the snake lol

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