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Rising Darkness
Cynthia Cooke.

Demon hunter, vampire and member of the cadre, Damien Hancock has come to Wolvesrain to help Emma McGovern defend her self against a powerful demon, For if Emma finds true love (and consummates that love) the demon Asmos will fulfill a generations old curse and claim her soul.
Damien knows just how powerful the ancient demon is, but he never anticipated on the all-consuming effect that gorgeous Emma would have on him.
Soon their attraction proves impossible to resist , but can the love Emma has found in Damien’s
strong arms help her fight the rising darkness?.

This book is full of demon wolves and evil vampires, hell bent on destroying Emma’s carefully guarded life, and to make matters considerably worse, Damien’s own brother is one of them.

Intrigue, desire and your love of vampires will keep you engrossed right up until the very end.


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