Why Chocolate?


Every year at Easter we go completely mad for chocolate, but why? .


Ok lets take a look back through history and see where it all started…

Obviously we all know the story of Jesus and his sacrifice on the cross, but that’s not the real reason why Easter was originally celebrated.

Easter is a celebration dating back to Pagan times on the spring equinox around the 21st March, when the length of the day and night are equal. Throughout history, many ancient cultures have symbolized this as a time of birth and renewal, following the darkness of the long winter. Traditionally real eggs were decorated and used to represent new birth.


Then in the 18th century, people would use pasteboard or papier-maché to make egg shapes, in which they would hide small gifts. By the early 19th century cardboard eggs were covered with silk, lace or velvet and also during this time the first eating chocolates were made and so would be used to fill the eggs , from this the French and Germans began moulding the dark chocolate into plain egg shapes, thus creating the first Easter egg as we know it. In 1875 John Cadbury decided it was his turn. The earliest Cadbury eggs were made of dark chocolate with a plain smooth surface and  filled with Dragees (whole almonds coated with a sugar shell in various colours). The earliest decorated eggs were plain shells enhanced by chocolate piping and marzipan flowers. It was in 1905 that the famous dairy milk Easter eggs were produced and their instant popularity made them a best seller through out the whole country.


Whilst you are tucking in to all your delicious Easter eggs this year, remember that you owe it all to the history of invention, for example: the press created for separating cocoa butter from the cocoa bean by the Dutch inventor Van Houten in 1828 and the introduction of a pure cocoa by Cadbury Brothers in 1866. The Cadbury process made large quantities of cocoa butter available and this was the secret of making moulded chocolate or any other fine eating chocolate.

Have a very happy Easter




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    never given any thought to it before
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