Defy the Eagle


Defy the Eagle by Lynn Bartlett-1985.

One of the first grown up books I ever brought for myself as a teenager, and with out a doubt my all time favorite. I have read this book at least once every year since buying it back in 1989, The front cover which is the original and is very different from the one shown above, has fallen apart and is lovingly sellotaped back together lol. (couldn’t find an image of the original).

On the death of her husband, Boadicea is stripped of her title, palace and all possessions and left completely humiliated by the Romans. The Iceni have waited for their time to return and now with their queen so ruthlessly treated, they will rise up against the might of Rome once more.
Caddaric is a fierce Iceni warrior who lives by his sword, a man who will do what ever it takes to help his queen. At night he is tormented by dreams of a beautiful girl that has him utterly bewitched. Caddarics father who is a druid priest believes these dreams are of his sons future destiny.
Jilana is a roman living on the outskirts of Venta Icenorum the city in which Boadicea has her palace. Raised by a gentle but wealthy merchant family that allows her the small freedom of riding in the local woods aloan each day, Jilana comes across a man who appears to be with the legion, she is instantly drawn to his massive size and rough features and although she should no better is totally unaffraid.
Soon to wed a tribune of the ninth hispana legion and leave her beloved home to cross the seas and live in Rome, Jilana can not help wondering if she will ever see her warrior from the woods again.
Swept up in the terrible events of the day Boadicea was flogged in front of her people and an entire city full of Romans, Jilana is appalled by the behavior of her countrymen as they cheer and spit upon the queen of the Iceni. Once the punishment is over it is Jilana who helps the queen to her feet and begins to escort her away from the crowds, only to find herself confronted by a massive warrior…

From then on the book sees the pair become more entangled in each others lives, whilst battling the fact that they are worlds apart…He is fighting for his queen and the right to be free of Rome, She is simply fighting to survive.
Defy the Eagle (Silhouette Shipping Cycle)


I have always loved researching history especially Boadicea and the Iceni tribes as they were based in Norfolk on the marsh lands, which for those of you in other parts of the world who have no idea where I’m talking about ,  is in East Anglia, England, Which also happens to be the part of the country that I live.

If you look closely at this map you will see a  place called Sudbury. I live in a small village just a few miles away, so in relation to Norfolk it’s not all that far.

As I said before, I’m very much in to history and also a massive fan of all things romantic 🙂 so combine the two together in an epic book, then I am totally happy.



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