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There’s no escaping them at night when you’re tucked up in bed, some are laced with fantasy, some appear as if showing us the future and some bring out the terror of  nightmares. we all have them but what do dreams really mean?.

Stages Of Sleep

Once in bed it will usually take between 10 and 15 minutes for us to fall asleep, This is the time when we are afloat in a kind of twilight daze of unfocused pictures and sounds,whilst our muscles loosen and our limbs relax becoming heavier. During this first phase of sleep it is quite normal for us to experience the sensation of falling, causing an involuntary jolt to bring us awake, it’s known as a ’Myoclinic jerk reaction’ and this happens when blood pressure or body temperature drops. Once settled again you sink through different layers of sleep until you are at the deepest and most relaxed point, also considerably difficult to wake up, This is what most discribe as being ‘sound or sleeping like a baby’. From this deep state we normally rise up again through the layers until we are back at the begining twilight phase, and it’s now that we normally start to dream. The cycle of going from twilight to deep sleep and then back again takes on average 80 to 90 minutes (one and a half hours) and is repeated throughout the night. Once caught in a dream we drift in to what’s known as REM, which is when outwardly we show signs of dreaming as our eye balls move back and forth almost as if we are watching something on a television screen, Dreams are normally at their clearest to us when in this phase and most likely to be remembered upon waking.

Why Do We Dream?

Have you every really given much thought to why we dream and what it actually means? for example…What is the reason behind experiencing nightmares?. Obviously as grown ups we may watch a late night horror and then once in bed a dream begins re telling the story but with you as the leading role. But normally a nightmare occurs during times of emotional stress and pressure and this happens much more when we are children. Part of growing up involves learning and dealing with new things such as the first time you have to sleep in your brand new big girl/boy bed or when you start school or even your fist ever night staying away from home and your parents. At this time you will always find a child having trouble sleeping and suffering from continuous nightmares until things in their daily life have settled again in to the normal routine.

Dreams are basically like a code or a riddle that needs working out, the information contained in them comes to us as images or symbols such as colour and can be very frustrating and complicated to understand. But if we take the time to focus and really think about what we are seeing then things become quite clear as all we are being shown is simply a type of short hand from our own minds, things that have been collected and stored there throughout our busy lives.

Dictionary Of  Colours

Whilst viewing a scene from a dream in what appears to be normal colours you may have noticed that something stands out more then the rest because it was brighter and more colourful than anything else, thus making you remember this image upon waking, therefore having a certain added meaning to it.

Black:  A symbol of darkness, being lost or in deep despair and grieving. Black is a colour we must move through to find light and the answers needed to pick our selves up and get on again with life.

Blue:  Clear bright blues are a symbol of peace, well being, calm, truth and loyalty, encouraging hope and harmony in all that you choose to do. But darker flat looking shades of blue can indicate depression and can be a sign that you are traveling the wrong path in life that will lead you to stress and worry.

Gold:  This is quite simply the colour that represents a rewarding phase in your life.

Green:  This is a symbol of nature and healing, therefore indicating a healthy balance throughout your life. Dark murky shades of green can show a fall towards a lack in strength or becoming decayed. This would normally mean that you need much more rest or a healthier diet where your body is concerned, but could also mean areas of your life (family, friends, home or work) are being neglected.

Orange:  This is the colour of happiness and growth, showing that you should believe in yourself and have greater confidence in all you do. If a loved one or friend appears wearing this colour then they are shouting out for your attention.

Pink:  To dream in shades of pink or peach reflects a state of warmth and love, showing that those around you will always give their support and affection.

Red:  This colour is always the symbol of strong passions, whether they are of love or raging anger.

Silver:  This is a feminine colour and will often mean something is pure and simple, but if you see it covering like a shimmering, sparkly mist then this is telling you that something needs a little more thought or attention before it can become clear.

Violet:  The colour of knowledge, devotion and dignity also of high ideals, it’s here to tell you the truth and give a fresh perspective, for example perhaps you are being over sensative towards someone who really only means you well.

White:  This always indicates a fresh start, new life or the go ahead for a new idea.

Yellow:  There are many symbols related to this colour, if it is bright and vibrant then you can expect warmth and much laughter to come in your life, also a spurt of creativity. If the yellow is flat and dull, this could suggest spineless behaviour that of a cowardly person as the saying goes “Yellow Bellied”. When the yellow you see has a slight green tinge to it then this warns of jealousy and bad will.

I have learnt much over the years when trying to figure out not only my own but my childrens dreams too. I hope what I have told you here will be of some help for now in decoding the mysteries of your strangest dreams and nightmares. I will be adding a basic  A to Z of dream meanings in my next post.







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