Creatures Of Myth Quiz


If like me you are deeply attracted by the lure of Mythical creatures and think you know all the facts about such legends as Kelpies, Jinn, Griffins and many more, then try out the quiz below…


1; What was Medusa’s hair made of ?




2; If you looked in to Medusa’s eyes what would happen to you?

Become immortal

Turn to stone.

3; What does a Greek Sphinx usually have that Egyptian ones don’t ?


A crown


4; What creature was half man and half bull ?




5; The Chimera has the tail of a Dragon, the body of a Goat but the head of what ?





6; A Cerberus was a type of 3 headed hound which guarded what ?



The gates to the underworld.

7; Do Chinese Dragons bring bad luck ?



8; The Phoenix was said to have made it’s nest from what ?

Olive Branches

Cedar Trees

Sheep’s Wool


9; What is a Basilisk ?

Part Spider and part wolf

Part Snake and Part Rooster

Part Lion and part Man.

10; Werewolves are vulnerable to which type of metal ?





11; Valkyries are usually depicted as being Beautiful ?



12; Why did the ancient Egyptian’s were jewelry adorned with Scarab beetles ?

For Good luck

To ward off Evil

To ensure a safe journey.

13; What is a Golem ?

A character from Lord of the Rings

A Troll type creature living under bridges and in caves, waiting for unsuspecting Humans to pass by so it can eat them.

A type of monster  made of clay in the form of a giant man that can carry out the wishes of its creator.

14; What do Kelpies like to pray on ?





15; Gargoyles were created to remind sinners of the monsters in Hell ?




So how well do you know all your creatures and their legends, did you manage to figure out all the questions?. Find out how many you got correct from the answers below…

1; Snakes.

2; Turn to Stone.

3; Wings.

4; Minotaur.

5; Lion.

6; Gates to the underworld.

7; No (said to bring peace and prosperity).

8; Spices.

9; Part Snake part Rooster.

10; Silver.

11; True.

12; Good luck.

13; A type of monster  made of clay in the form of a giant man that can carry out the wishes of its creator.

14; Humans.

15; False.




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