Healing Colours


Have you ever sat back and given any thought about the way colours affect you and your mood?.

For example I have a really strong aversion to anything red, this colour in all shades seems to trigger my aggressive nature and leaves me feeling agitated and often extremely snappy,

where as the colour blue, especially the darker bottle shade, tends to have the opposite affect as I find it calming, And yet it’s not something I was taught as a child, no one said these colours should produce this certain type of affect on my moods or anyone else’s for that matter, but I know a lot of people who find red to be an overly stimulating colour and blue to be more tranquil. So why does colour cause such a dramatic response in people and our every day lives?.

Here’s the technical explanation

Colour is light traveling in the same electro magnetic spectrum from the sun as radio and television waves. When light touches upon something, that object absorbs any wavelengths that match it’s own atomic structure and reflects back the rest, which is what we see.  When light reaches our eyes it hits the retina and converts in to electrical impulses that pass through to the Hypothalamus which is the part of our brains controlling hormones. The Hypothalamus is responsible  for our sleep and behavioural patterns, metabolism and appetite, sexual and reproductive functions and also our body temperature.

Because colour is basically energy, it there for has a physical affect upon us and has been doing so since the begining of time.  Man has been using colours in nature to determine a response to certain situations and generally help in daily life, for example…

Seeing an insect with bright colours such as yellow and black stripes triggers a warning signal inside the brain to retreat and move out of harms way.

Looking up to see grey clouds produces a dreary cold response that prompts us to head indoors and snuggle up.

When we see spring flowers such as bluebells and yellow daffodils they seem to boost our behaviour and leave us feeling livelier and more enthusiastic.

Ancient cultures such as the Egyptians were the first to practise the  art of Chromotherapy which is the use of colours in healing and this method is still considered very useful in our lives now, although most  GP’s don’t really agree with the idea of using a colour to stimulate a certain affect or response in a patient as the sole course of treatment, but most can see the advantages of colour being used along side medicines.

REDS: Can be used to help stimulate both body and mind to increase circulation.

YELLOWS: Can stimulate the nerves and purify the body.

ORANGES: Can help the lungs and increase energy levels.

BLUES: Are  said to soothe illness and relieve pain.

GREENS: Can promote healing and well being.

PINKS: Can help to stimulate the body, increase blood pressure and heart rate.

INDIGO(shades of purple): Have been said to alleviate skin problems.

2477282384_a07186b288 Think about the rooms in your home and how they make you feel to be in them. Do they calm you down or maybe boost your senses or even leave you feeling irritated and somewhat annoyed?. Let me explain more clearly about the affect your colour choices can have on you.  In our home we have a lot of yellow and greens, for example my kitchen has cream walls but wood and green shades everywhere else. It’s a very large room with a snug seating area at one end and wide windows that let in plenty of natural light, so this is where you will always find me curled up with a good book as I find it to be the most tranquil place in the whole house, Where as our living room is a kind of butter yellow with gold, blue and cream furniture and accessories , which makes it warm and cosy and the perfect place to snuggle up on bleak winter evenings. Friends have often commented on how appealing the room is, bringing on a happy yet relaxed state of mind when they visit, some have even nodded off for a few moments in the passed lol 🙂 .

This year we plan to change the decor in our master bedroom. At the moment it’s a disgusting colour that my husband always tried to tell me was Sand, but I just call it sludgy Caramel, we have white wood furniture and blue and cream accessories, but the room just looks extremely dull and basically leaves me feeling some what depressed when in it. The plan is to paint the walls in a pale green and add various subtle shades of pink in with the original blues and creams. This will make it feel soft, comfortable and much more relaxing which is what you want from a bedroom. After all it’s the one place in the house that in my opinion should never be a vibrant energizing colour like red or orange as this can cause  problems at the end of the day when you most want to be calm and fall a sleep.



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