Peter Stubbe-The Original Werewolf Legend

Should we really be afraid of the big bad Werewolf?..

I have always loved wolves, I find them both fascinating and very beautiful, but many people fear this animal as if it is something almost evil that’s only purpose could possibly be to hunt down and savagely kill us. We know by the research carried out in modern times that wolves are by nature quite a timid creature and would much rather keep away from anything human. Imagine how different things were hundreds of years ago when man was still extremely small minded about the ways of the world and pretty much all that was in it. These were the times when most of the legends we here about today were created by villagers who didn’t actually have the real facts about what was going on, for example the original Werewolf legend was said to have started in the late 1500’s and all began because of a man named Peter Stubbe.

Are you sitting comfortably?  then let me tell you a little story of old…

The year was 1591 and in a small German village strange things were happening. Each morning the grisly remains of human bodies could be found in the surrounding fields. During this time a large wolf was said to have been seen near the local woods and so the villagers assumed this was the culprit for the fatal attacks. The wolf was hunted and cornered by a group of brave men who began stabbing at it only to witness the creature stand up and take on the form of a local village man named Peter Stubbe.

Outraged and somewhat scared of the man they had captured, the villagers put Stubbe on a torture wheel to extract a confession, but what was revealed shocked them more than they could have imagined. At the age of 12 Peter Stubbe started to practice the art of sorcery and quickly became obsessed by dark magic and the devil, he would take on the guise of a wolf and perform acts of torture upon animals he had caught but soon this was no longer enough to satisfy him. Stubbe began prowling the fields in wait for local children or farm workers, he would attack them and rip out their throats as if he truly were a wolf. He took the most pleasure in the rape of young girls before tearing flesh from their bodies and drinking the warm human blood. But the worst of his crimes was said to have been the murder of his own young son of whom he took in to the woods one day, split open his skull and eat upon his brains, then drank from his blood.

Such torturous and disturbing crimes could only deserve the most painful of punishments and so Stubbe was subjected to having his arms and legs beaten until broken then his skin pulled off with red hot pincers and finally he was decapitated, at this point the villagers then burnt his remains.

A monument in memory of the horrific crimes was erected by the village who put the torture wheel on top of a tall pole with a likeness of Stubbe’s head upon it made to resemble a wolf. Sixteen pieces of yard long wood were cut and hung from the rim of the wheel commemorating the lost souls of all the victims he took. Word soon spread throughout the country and beyond of Stubbes evil brutality for which he had been executed. People started to believe that men  could take on the evil form of a wolf and so named them Werewolves.
The word ‘Were’ or ‘Wer’ is the old English term for Man.So when we say Werewolf we are actually saying Manwolf

Remember not all werewolves are vicious & mean

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