Imprinting Werewolves Inspired By Ducks & Dragons?


I can almost here the cogs turning inside your brains as you try to figure out just what I’m on about now with this strange title ‘Imprinting Werewolves Inspired By Ducks & Dragons’. It’s all quite simple really… Stephanie Meyer has explained that her inspiration for when a Werewolf  imprints it’s self on it’s soul-mate and the two are eternally connected through love and the desire to protect each other, all comes from the behaviour of ducks. A newborn duckling will latch on to the first living object it sees which is usually it’s mother or in some cases a human and from that moment it develops a life long and un-breakable bond.

sm2_icon_animal_reptile Another thing that caught Stephanie’s attention was the way in which Humans and dragons bonded so intensely in the Dragon book series by Anne McCaffrey, Stephanie says “I wanted to explore that kind of life-changing and compulsory relationship”.

  So all those very hot Quileute boys that belong to the wolf pack in the Twilight saga are actually nothing more than cute little duckie wuckies underneath all that muscle, fur and fangs lol. 🙂


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