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Garreth MacRieve prince of the Lykae has just found his true life-mate after a thousand years of waiting, but she’s not at all what he was expecting.

Lucia the Huntress is a Valkyrie with archery skills that have gone unmatched throughout the world. After suffering at the hands of a foul demon god she has been completely without the touch of a man in over a thousand years and has every intention of staying that way or she stands to loose the powers bestowed upon her as the huntress. Lucia is content with her immortal life until one day in mid hunt she crosses the path of the most incredibly masculine and desirable creature she has ever seen. He is of the Lykae clan, strong, powerful and a Werewolf.

In this book we are taken on a journey with Lucia as she attempts to track and destroy the evil demon god who tortured her, all the while she is being hunted herself by a werewolf mate that she can’t afford to be caught and claimed by.

Hers a small taste of what the book has to offer…

Crouching over her, he reached for her face with huge hands. When his claws glinted like onyx, she flinched. what would he do…?  He’s trying…to pat my tears? “shh, female.” He scooped her up into his arms while she stared up with dread. “Do no’ fear me.” His voice was guttural, his ice blue eyes burning possession. In an instant, she comprehended two things: Why immortals feared the Lykae. And that she was his mate. “protect you” Yes he could never hurt her, would believe he’d been born to safeguard her life. “And my sisters?”, she weakly bit out. He gazed at the door, clearly wanting to remove her from the threat- “Please, Lykae…fight these vampires.” Finally, a jerk of his chin. He carried her out of the way, gently tucking her behind a table. In that beastly voice, he grated “ I’ll give you…their throats.”…

Girls this book is so definitely worth a read and I have no doubt in my mind that the rest will be just as captivating as this one, all though I must stress that it does get extremely passionate and shouldn’t be read by anyone under 16 🙂

Pleasure of a Dark Prince (Immortals After Dark)

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