A Taste Of France

Do you have a fondness for guzzling back fine French wine? 🙂 


As a rule I don’t normally promote such things as this unless it involves Twilight or some other vampire based products, (Hmm!, now there’s a thought, I wonder if there’s a Vampire inspired wine out there somewhere?) lol, but C2C WINES is an up and coming new business and just happens to be owned by a friend I’m rather fond of :).

  C2C WINES is a UK based business specializing in the importing of wines from the Languedoc region in the South of France where owner Steve Filbey and his family have spent many a glorious holiday over the years, (and one day may find me as a stow-away in their suitcase) lol.  Steve says “We enjoyed it so much and have been going for the last seven years, It’s somewhere that we have become well acquainted with” he also goes on to explain “We soon realised the area has a wonderful selection of wines to offer that many people have never experienced before and they are improving all the time”, He then adds “Wine has always been something close to my heart and that I personally enjoy, so I decided to set up the business”.       I was lucky enough to of had a private little wine tasting morning with Steve and his lovely wife Liz , which resulted in finding the perfect wine to suit my sweet tastes, You see I have never really enjoyed red wines as I find them to heavy, which means I’ve always been one of those Lambrini kind of girls lol. But Steve managed to find me a delicious Rosé called La Clairette,that’s extremely bubbly and light which he tells me is made from the Muscat grape and is usually served with cakes and puddings. I personally enjoyed a glass of it the other afternoon before our daughters got home from school ,whist I sat gently rocking on the swing chair in our garden and bathing in the glorious sunshine….Bliss! 🙂

So if you’re hosting a celebration such as a wedding reception , birthday or even if you just simply enjoy a lot of wine,  then C2C WINES are the perfect solution.

Love ‘n’ Hugs-Talena-maria x



  1. muscles68 July 1, 2010 3:11 pm  Reply

    Yes i have to agree fantastic wines and the site is great easy to use

  2. Polly Filbey July 1, 2010 5:00 pm  Reply

    Lovely article! I’m lucky to be their daughter and have access to all this wine 24/7. Yum..! Hiccup

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