Inspired By Vampires

VAMPIREWINECOFFIN If you are a regular visitor to Talenas Twilight and happened to of viewed the last post I wrote  about my friends wine company, then you may remember that I was pondering over the question… “are there any Vampire inspired wines in the world?”…The answer should have been quite obvious to me really…Doh!.  Below are some of the interesting things I found whilst looking for the perfect drink for the un-dead…

trueblood_trublood Fans of the True Blood series will already recognize this coloured orange flavoured drink from the hit show, It’s a favourite of Vampire Bills and can be ordered online from many places (cool to have these at a Halloween party).


Not sure what’s actually inside of these bottles but they are meant for Twilight fans.

vampire chocolate

Chocolate-Every bodies favourite.(you don’t have to be immortal to enjoy these little vampire bars) 🙂


For all those Vodka lovers out there who like a little bit of ‘Bite’ to their drink.

Vampires Revenge Vampires Delight

These are quite interesting little pots of relish and chutney. Both contain garlic, so I guess they would be best suited for someone wishing to keep vampires away 🙂 .


No explanation needed here…It’s quite simply Draculas wine lol.


It would seem that even the un-dead have the need to keep hydrated with this cool Vamp H2O.(I am going to be getting some of these just so I can reuse the bottles 🙂 ).

vampire-white.zinfandel And so we come to the whole reason for this post ‘Vampire Wine’. It comes from a  site dedicated to selling such products as this, so I guess I ought to give you guys the link to it, as I know there’s probably lots of you who will be curious to take a look.   VAMPIRE VINEYARDS.COM




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