Witches Brew- The Natural Remedy.

(The healing art of herbs).


Witchcraft goes hand in hand with health and healing.
Witches were never into black magic and evil, but in fact were actually considered as the local doctor, being able to use plants in the curing of most commonly known ailments.
The use of herbs in this way has been recorded through out history, the Egyptians for example, cataloged the properties of herbs in the embalming proses, and also for cosmetics and skin care too.

The use of herbs and essential oils has become common place amongst my family, (often giving rise to witch jokes from our daughters) lol. 🙂
As a child I began suffering from Migraine headaches, which at times would become so painful that it would result in passing out.

So if I had the on-coming signs, then I would be given Feverfew to chew on and Lavender oil rubbed on to my forehead and temples. The combination of the 2 would be a great relief if the headache was caught early enough, although not an instant and complete cure, if I had to suffer through a migraine with out them, it was unbearable.
I still continue to use natural remedies where possible for my family now…

Lemon grass oil– Helps revitalize and lift every bodies mood.( it also acts as a good neutralizer for yucky smells, like pet odor.)

Eucalyptus oil– Great for relieving all those stuffy noses and generally clearing your head.

Lavender oil– In small amounts has a relaxing property that helps with sleep and headaches (great when the kids are young and having trouble staying asleep through the night).

Peppermint oil– Used with a base oil, or a few drops in warm water to soak your tiered feet at the end of the day, it relieves aching and helps promote healthier skin.

Ginger root– This is brilliant for those long journeys in the car with the kids, as it helps with nausea, and it was my little life savor during the pregnancy of our first daughter, when my morning sickness was at it’s worst, I would have 2 ginger biscuits by the bed ready for when I got up each day (Fantastic stuff). 🙂
We sometimes like to use herbal teas as well, but this all depends on taste, we’ve tried various ones over the years and some to be perfectly honest, are ‘disgusting’.

Camomile– Is wonderful for it’s calming effect after a very long and often stressful day.(taste’s nice too).

Peppermint– This is helpful when suffering with indigestion problems and is also quite refreshing.


Many people are completely unaware of whats sitting in their very own kitchen.
The same herbs and spices that you would use in your cooking each day to make things taste nicer, are full of wonderful healing properties…

Marjoram– acts as a circulatory stimulant and helps relieve circulation problems.

Parsley– can be chewed to help with bad breath.

Garlic– good for the immune-system.

Rosemary– is a warming circulatory stimulant that can aid in lifting your mood and relieve fatigue.

Fennel– has an antidepressant effect on the body.

Sage– has antiseptic properties and if gargled can be very effective for a sore throat.

Thyme– has an expectorant action that can be helped to relieve a chesty cough.

Ginger– as I mentioned earlier it helps with nausea, but also is a strong circulatory stimulant with anti- inflammatory and anticoagulant benefits.

Cinnamon– has a warming effect and antiseptic properties.

Cloves– rich in calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, vitamins A and C.

Something you can make from the things you’ll find in your kitchen, is the witches brew recipe below, it’s well worth trying.

This drink is full of goodness…
Honey is a natural energy booster and helps the immune-system, Cranberries have an anti-viral action, Cloves help a variety of conditions, such as headache, tooth ache, nausea, circulation and help boost the immune-system, and Cinnamon is warming and antiseptic. It’s the perfect pick-me-up tonic for when you’ve been suffering from a low immune-system after illness.
Although most common herbs are perfect for the making of home remedies (when used in the right way), Not all plants are safe, some are extremely harmful to us and can kill if digested, so if you are interested in using herbs from someones garden or creating your own for the first time, but not sure which plants are which, then make sure you research in to it properly.
When all done in the correct way, growing, preparing and using herbs can be both beneficial and enjoyable to everyone.


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