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Single  white  vampire  is by  writer Lynsay Sands  whom  I  had  never  heard  of  until  now.  It’s  actually  the  second  book  in  the  Argeneau  vampire  novel  series. I can tell you that this book is brilliant.  It’s  a  modern  story  obviously  involving  vampires  that  are  incredibly  hot  and  well  worth  giving  up  everything  you  love  to  be  with.  But  these  books  have  a  comical  twist  to  them  and  are  not  the  usual  teen  slushy  romance  that  most  of  us  adore :).  These  vampires  need  blood  just  the  same  as  any  other,  they  read  and  alter  peoples  thoughts,  they  are  alluring  and  intelligent,  but  they  also  eat  normal  food,  sleep  like  humans,  go  out  in  the   sun when  they  have  to,  but  unlike  most  vampire  stories  we  have   ever  read,  The  Argeneau  family  are  not  the  walking  dead,  but  simply  descended  from  an  ancient  blood  line  thousands  of  years  old  that  was  once  genetically  changed  and  enhanced  allowing  the  blood  to  evolve  and  fight  off  the  effects  of  aging  and  all  known illnesses.
This particular book is all about Kate Lever who works for a romance publishing company and is sent to the home of vampire novelist Lucern Argeneau in the hope she will be able to convince him to meet his fans on a book signing tor. But on arrival at the writers home Kate finds much more than she bargained for. Lucern is over six hundred years old and rather set in his gentlemanly ways. He finds it difficult to socialise around the modern day humans, especially the very upfront bossy women. But when Kate comes stomping in to his home it turns his normally controlled and private life completely upside down as this annoyingly persistent and attractive female gets right under his skin and firmly embeds herself in his heart. I’m glad to have found these books. I can’t wait to collect the rest. They make a very entertaining read and leave you intrigued to find out what happens to brothers Etienne and Bastien, I only wish I’d found them in the right order as I’ve just read the middle one first ‘Doh!’… Book One- Love bites SINGLE WHITE VAMPIRE BOOK 1 Book Three-Tall dark and hungry SINGLE WHITE VAMPIRE BOOK3 Single White Vampire: An Argeneau vampire novel: An Argeneau Vampire Novel, Book 2


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