Letters To Juliet


I have no idea why until yesterday I had not seen Letters To Juliet (What’s wrong with me? lol 🙂 ) This is completely and utterly my type of movie, Ok so there are no wickedly hot vampires or any muscle bound werewolves, but it’s sooo romantic.

letters on the wall It all begins when Sophie who is played by relatively new girl Amanda Seyfried goes on holiday with her Fiancé to Italy. Whilst there Sophie is constantly abandoned by Victor who is only interested in finding the perfect ingredients to take back to his new restaurant  in New York.

By chance Sophie finds her self sitting in front of  Juliet’s wall at a fictional courtyard in Verona where 1000s of people have been leaving letters for years that get answered by ‘The Secretaries Of Juliet’ She finds an old letter behind a stone in the wall that was written almost 50 years previous and can’t help wanting to send a reply, and hopefully help 2 lost lovers find each other again.

When a young but very rude man gives Sophie a piece of his mind about sending replies to things that should be left well and truly aloan, she realises that Claire – played by Vanessa Redgrave –  who wrote the letter all those years ago has returned to Verona wanting to find her lost love and sets out on a quest to help find him,

chris egan1 much to the annoyance of Claire’s grandson Charlie (‘The Rude young man’) – played by the very cute Christopher Egan.

I’m happy to say that the movie ends up exactly how I wanted it to, with Claire finding her love from all those years ago whilst Sophie and the now not so rude Charlie fall deeply in love and end up together…sigh!.

Before I finish, I feel it’s only fair that we take a quick look at a couple more pictures of  Christopher 😉


chris3 eragon I think he had a very appealing ‘Heath Ledger’ kind of look going on when he played the role of Roran in the dragon movie Eragon.

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