Letters To Santa

Now that everyone is starting to get in to the festive mood and trying to decide what presents to buy each other, It’s always nice when people pick up on the subtle hints you give them along the way to help in getting you that perfect gift.
If you could leave a special message for your secret Santa asking for the things you’ve always really wanted, What would you say?…

Dear Santa

I think I’ve been a ‘Good Girl’ this year so here goes…

:Obviously I would like my very own Vampire or Werewolf.

:Any one of the famous men I like. Aiden Turner, Jason Momoa, Ian Sommerholder, Joseph Morgan, Tom Hiddleston etc (not fussy which one, it’s up to you)

:My dream home.

:Dream car.

:Oh and some Battery operated warm up wellies please.

Love you lots Santa





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