Vampire Diaries- Books 7 to 10

If you are a fan of the Vampire Diaries and as yet have not had you’re chance to read these books then please  DO NOT continue reading this post as it will spoil everything…

The Return- Midnight-7

Fells church needs to be saved from the evil Kitsune. Elena helps save the town and her friends,  but now she is shocked to realise that she loves both Salvatore brothers equally with the same intense passion and does not want to live without either of them in her life. Then comes the true devestation… Damon Dies.

vampire 1

The Hunters Phantom-8.

Damon is gone and no one can quite believe it, the loss is like a tangible presence. Elena is suffering and just can’t leave him to rest, she feels him in her dreams and the more she dreams the more she loves him, then she realises that hes back ‘alive’ and hers if she wants him.



After saving Fells church from evil and then Damon returning from the dead, this book see’s Elena and her friends begin a new life as they head off to Dalcrest college. But things can never just be simple as people start to go missing from campus and new acquaintances are never quit what they seem…There’s a new evil in town.


Destiny Rising-10

This is the finale book in the amazing Vampire Diaries saga and it’s time to make a choice…Stefen or Damon?  which one truly holds Elena’s heart and can win a place at her side forever.


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