The Big Twilight Quiz

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Test your self and see if you are a true fan.

1; what is edwards surname?

2; who is victoria?
*charlies latest girlfriend
*bellas biology teacher
*bad vampire
*edwards sister.

3; what is alices vampire ability?
*to read minds
*to move objects with thoughts
*to see the future
*to create electric shocks.

4; what is charlies job?
*chief of police
*security officer.

5; who is renesmee?
*bellas sister
*billy blacks wife
*seths mum
*edward & bellas daughter.

6; why did edward leave bella?
*because he didnt love her
*because he wanted her to live a normal life
*because he thought she didnt love him
*because he knew he would kill her.

7; who is bellas closet friend?

8; what charm does edward give bella for her bracelet?
*a ruby heart
*a tiny vampire
*a mountain lion
*a diamond heart.

9; how did emily get the scar on her face?
*car crash
*accidently getting burnt
*sam attacking her whilst changing in to a werewolf
*someone stabbed her.

10; what is the name of renee’s new husband?

11; who wants revenge and to kill bella?

12; where does james arrange to meet bella?
*the old art studio
*her old school
*the park near her mums house
*her old ballet studio.

13; what is jaspers vampire ability?
*amazing speed
*control of other peoples emotions
*reading peoples minds
*seeing the future.

14; who gives bella their venom to become a vampire?

15; why is bella so upset about becoming 18?
*she hates birthday cards
*she doesnt want to be stuck at school on that day
*she doesnt want to become older than edward
*she doesnt want to get grey in her hair.

16; what is jasper and rosalies last name?

17; what are the volturi?
*a type of werewolf
*a type of vegetarian vampire
*the equivalent to vampire royalty
*a rock group from arizona.

18; what type of car does alice steel when in italy?
*bright yellow porshe
*green camper van
*silver volvo
*chevy truck.

19; why does bella keep putting her self in danger when edwards gone?
*because shes so clumsy
*to hear edwards voice inside her head
*because jacob does it first
*because she wants to be sent home to her mum.

20; what does jacob give to bella as a graduation gift?
*a necklace
*a picture of the two of them
*a bracelet with a tiny wolf charm
*a pair of diamond earings.

21; what is Edwards favourite type of food?
*mountain lion
*grizzly bear.


ed bell

*Did you get them all?….find out the answers below.*

2;bad vampire
3;see the future
4;chief of police
5;edward & bellas daughter
6;wanted her to live a normal life
8;diamond heart
9;sam attacking her
12;ballet studio
13;control emotions
15;doesnt want to become older than edward
17;vampire royalty
19;hear edwards voice inside her head
20;bracelet with wolf charm
21;mountain lion.

So are you the fan you thought you were,or did you fail miserably?….

score of 1-5: why did you even bother taking the quiz?

score of 5-10: you have obviously seen the film but your no fan of twilight

score of 10-15: no doubt you have seen the movie and read the books once,
keep it up, you are a fan in the making

score of 15-20: you know your stuff and are a massive fan, great effort

score of 21: if you got a straight score of 21, then you can consider your self a true fan. you could probably keep on answering questions about everything twilight related untill there was nothing left to ask.


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