Trick or Treat?



So guys it’s Halloween when all things spooky and incredibly wicked come out to play, But where does all this stem from and what exactly is the reason we celebrate by dressing up as ghosts and witches on the 31st of October every year?…

CB7477C233Halloween comes from the original Celtic celebration of ‘Samhain’ and was a festival to honor the changing of the seasons, going from the lighter much warmer half of the year into the much darker and colder part. The Celtics strongly believed that at this time of the year the boarder between this world and the other-world became thin,  letting both good and bad spirits of the dead  cross over. Families would perform ceremonies to encourage passed loved ones to return from the other-world for the evening whilst at the same time doing their best to ward off any evil that might  attempt to get through. This involved wearing twisted, mean looking masks or carving out scary faces in to Turnips putting candles inside then placing them in all the windows, this was meant to fool the bad spirits in to thinking that something evil was already present.

bonfire-011On this night no fires would be burning inside anyones home until a huge Bonfire was lit in the center of the village, where the offer of livestock and crops would be given in thanks for the health and continued good harvest. Then a member from each house would lite a piece of wood to take home and use for their own fire in the half, This was said to cleanse the whole village and help maintain good luck. During the early 1500s the Scottish decided to rename this festival ‘All Hallows Even’, over the years this name has lost the use of some of it’s letters, such as the S & V becoming what we now know as ‘Halloween’.

Where did Trick or Treat come from?...

trick-or-treaters-articleIn America, trick or treating has been around since the early 1950s but the  tradition of going from door to door receiving food already existed in Great Britain and Ireland for over 100 years. The poor including their children would sing and say special prayers in respect for the dead and then in return would be treated with cakes, this ritual was known back then as ‘Souling’.

During the late 1800s in Scotland, children would dress up in costumes this was known as ‘Guising’ they would go from door to door carrying scooped out turnips made into lanterns and would receive  food and coins from the homeowners.

What ever it is you have planned for this evening….

Have a  spooktacular Halloween’



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