The Mortal Instruments


The Mortal Instruments are a series of books written by Cassandra Clare about supernatural creatures that until now have been living unnoticed all around us.

Clarissa Fray thinks she is just an ordinary girl, but her world is about to be turned  inside out as she comes face to face with Warlocks, Demons, Werewolves, Vampires and many more twisted creatures that she believed to be just fairy tails and myth. Now Clarissa must fight for her life and with the help of the Nephilim – (Shadowhunters born with the blood of Angels living upon the earth to protect humans) she must find the ‘Mortal Cup’ and keep it safe.

Jace Lightwood Wayland is a strong Shadowhunter always ready to fight for good, keep humans safe and defend his family. He’s not looking for love but it’s found him. Clarissa needs his help and now he’ll do what ever it takes to protect her.

These books are a must for any ones supernatural collection

The movie is amazing too, it stars Lily Colins as Clarissa and Jamie Bower as Jace. It also stars our very own Aiden Turner formally known to all as Vampire Mitchel in the original English version of  ‘Being human’, this time Aiden is playing the part of a Werewolf  helping to protect Clarissa and her mother.

This movie is well worth buying when it comes out on DVD along with the books…



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