American Horror Story Season 3


I’m so happy that American horror story is now back for it’s third season, this time  it’s all about Witches…

over 300  years ago the Salem witch trials took place now all these years later those who remain are in danger of being exposed to the world once more and made ‘Extinct’. Now A school has opened in New Orleans to teach protection to young witches who have only just come in to their powers.

As always this program is brilliant right from the start bringing back Evan Peters and Jessica Lang but also we see the return of  Taissa Farmiga and guest star Kathy Bates.

American Horror Story Season 3 Coven Evan Peters as Kyle Spencer Boy Parts S03E02 5Poor Evan Peters who plays Kyle Spencer dies in the very first episode but don’t worry fans he gets stitched back together and with a little magic comes back to life, only problem is…it’s not all his own body parts.


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