Dracula – Series One


dracula-2013-tv-series-wallpaperOn the 31st October ’13 a brand new series started that I had eagerly been waiting for ‘Dracula‘ featuring Johnathan Rhys Meyers and Jessica De Gouw.

Anyone knowing a bit about me will understand that I am a crazy massive fan of the 1992 Bram stokers Dracula movie staring Gary Oldman. I was just a mere girl of 17 years when this epic story hit the silver screens around the world and I completely fell in love. I’d read the classic book a long time since and  had a passion for vampires anyway, but seeing this movie captured my heart forever and still to this day nothing can surpass it.

BWOjzYGCUAAMa5aI digress lets get back to the point of this post…I sat down to view the new series not really knowing what to expect. I already watch the vampire diaries, originals, sleepy hollow and American horror story all of which have become favourites, but would I like this one too?…Silly question! of course I love it. I’ve been completely lured in and so has my hubby 😉 . Johnathan Rhys Meyers plays a brilliant Dracula along with the very beautiful and sweet Mina Murray played by Jessica de Gouw. Obviously the story is different from the one we all know but the essence is still there.   Dracula arrives in London and comes face to face with Mina Murray the reincarnation of the wife he tragically lost centuries earlier and of course they are drawn to each other.

I can’t believe the series has come to an end already, I now have to sit around waiting for months to get my fix of it again lol.


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