Paranormal Romance – Why Does It Keep Luring Us In?

Time after time I go to my shelves and ponder over which book to read. Will it be a classic such as Wuthering Heights or maybe something more educational? after all I’m still only half way through ‘How to learn Spanish’ . But it seems that as I read along the spines of so many books that I’ve collected over the last 30 odd years,  I always end up being lured back to something filled with intense romance, brooding vampires or obsessive werewolves and the same thing happens when I’m in a book shop. I’ll be happily scanning the shelves for something new that captures my interest when all of a sudden it’s like a siren beckoning me to a different section where all the paranormal books sit waiting. Dark, mysterious and dripping with sensual appeal tempting me to buy one or two or three lol, I just can’t help myself, I’d go as far to say that it’s like an addiction.

Why are so many of us fans of the romantic world in which Ghost’s, Werewolves, Vampires, Demons and all the other fabulously adorable creatures we’ve come to love inhabit?. We aren’t children anymore we understand perfectly well that they do not exist even though we would dearly like them to. Can you imagine opening your door to a tall dark gorgeous man with the deepest molasses eyes that make your knees weaken and your heart race? feeling that pull of sexual desire and a longing to be completely consumed by this person who says they will “love you for all eternity” in that incredibly sexy Romanian accent… ‘sigh!’. ( Sorry went off in to a Dracula fantasy for a moment there lol 🙂 ) Anyway I digress lets get back to the point. Millions of us women and I guess a lot of men too like nothing more than to get lost inside the pages of a book that grips us right from the first sentence and keeps us completely enthralled with the offer to take us far from the dull realities of life and all it’s responsibilities that we face every day. I’m not saying that we aren’t happy with the lives we lead, but the escape in to a fantasy world of sensual romance and compelling men that are quite like no other is a temptation few can resist. I’m sure I will be reading these books until I am old and grey 🙂 .


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