The Modern Vampire

VAMPIRES (no longer what they seem)


Taken from ‘The illustrated movie companion’…

That classic image of a ruined castle atop a craggy peak and a dark passageway within leading to a cobwebbed crypt where vampires slumber in coffins from dawn to dusk? Wrong. That business of vampires being nocturnal, able to turn into bats, and for whom its death to be caught in sunlight? Not True.
The power of a crucifix or garlic to ward of the undead? Don’t Even Go There.
Imagine instead a cultured family of vampires who commune with mortals in the daytime, drive fast cars,never sleep and include a respected member of the community. Imagine a scenario in which vampires avoid sunlight only because it reveals their true nature to humans-a vampire’s pale skin reflects sunshine like the light of a thousand sparkling diamonds.
Imagine the ‘cold ones’ as an evolved species, their genesis lost in the primordial mystery of prehistory.
Forget the fanged nocturnal blood suckers of legend and see vampires for what they really are….
Beautiful Creatures.



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