Being Human


I love this programme, it has everything i like most in the world Vampires and Werewolves also with the added bonus of a Ghost.  We are now in to the second series and things are getting much more interesting for our favourite trio. For those of you who have never seen or heard of ‘Being Human’ , then let me enlighten you a little….

The whole thing is based around 3 main characters:

 beinghumanMitchell – played by Aidan Turner was bitten back in the first world war and for the first few years of his new Vampire life he was considered as a bit of a hero for all his exploits, but now he is much more mature, living quietly and abstaining from the drinking of any human blood.


BEIN_bb172405_500x313 George– played by Russell Tovey became a Werewolf after a vicious attack during a holiday in Scotland. A very intelligent person but never very good with people, George can not stand to be ‘that thing’ or ‘it’ as he refers to being a werewolf.


annie-being-human-copy Annie– played by Lenora Crichlow was a bubbly young girl who died falling down the stairs one day. Unwilling to leave her life behind and move on, she has trouble adjusting to being a Ghost.

Mitchell and George live in Bristol and are desperately trying to fit in and appear to everyone around them to be living a normal life, hence ‘Being Human’. They both have average jobs working as porters in Bristol general hospital and spend their time down at the local pub, but as you can imagine things never run smoothly when you’re a supernatural creature. Mitchell constantly fights with the urge to drink blood and although able to go out in the day time, still suffers with light sensitivity, Mean while once a month George has to be locked away in an old abandoned room deep below the hospital, so that he can change in to his wolf state without harming anyone.

The two of them decide to rent a house where they can help each other in keeping the secret side to their lives hidden, but the house they move to has a secret all of it’s own. The recently deceased Annie is still there living in the home that she shared with her fiance’, She is very loanly and not very good at the whole ‘Ghost’ thing.


So now there’s 3 of them The Vampire, The Werewolf  and The ghost,  A very strange combination all looking out for each other and trying hard to be Human. But it would seem things are never that easy in life or death.  Annie’s fiance whom she is still madly in love with , turns out to be the one responsible for killing her, She also discovers a way to let normal people see her as a solid form, but this doesn’t always turn out to be good for her. Mitchell battles with power hungry ‘Wannabe’ Vampire trouble makers, who believe they should be the dominant species and then there’s the small matter of ‘girlfriends’, how do you go about having one when you’re a Werewolf?, George has fallen for a fellow work mate and things are bound to get tricky.

Now part way in to series 2 and things have become a whole lot harder for the trio. Mitchell has more Vampire problems to deal with trying to protect the human race from his own kind, George has accidentally clawed Nina (his girlfriend),and the out come of that is inevitable, Annie has to fight off un wanted attention from a stranger and as if that wasn’t enough for them to deal with, A slightly mad scientist is luring unsuspecting Werewolves to their deaths.

This really is a great series and not just because Mitchell is yet another gorgeous vampire for us to look upon  🙂01_aidan_turner

The effects for the werewolf are brilliant and if you like that sort of thing are well worth watching.

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You cant help falling for these characters and soon become caught up in their lives, it’s hard not to sympathise with what they are trying to achieve , but it doesn’t matter how hard they may try…

#160;         ‘Being human’ just isn’t that simple!.



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