Dark Carpathian Stories



These stories, of which there are currently 14 in total (and counting) are by ‘Christine Feehan’.
Beautifully written, full of danger, passion and the supernatural.
All about the dying Carpathian race, a group of devastatingly attractive, immortals.
Hunters of the ‘Un-dead’, evil Vampires who’s only purpose is to pray on human victims for the powerful ‘high’ it gives them.
Carpathian males although needing blood themselves to survive have the constant threat of ‘Turning’, becoming Vampires themselves after centuries of existence. The only thing that can keep them in the light is to find their ‘Life-mate’ and make the bond that will keep them tied for eternity.

Here’s a small taster from ‘DARK GOLD’……

He caught her neck with one clawed hand and jerked her to him.”I am hungry my dear and it is time for you to choose whether the child lives another night or dies.”
She didn’t have the strength to fight him, so she didn’t even try. She couldn’t stop the cry of pain that escaped her as he sank his fangs deeply into her neck. He made a growling noise as he fed, his fist in her tangled hair holding her still while he drank greedily. She knew her life was sliding away from her, down his throat. She was suffering from loss of blood and hypothermia. Nothing seemed to matter.
Yohenstria felt her slump against him and had to catch her in his arms to prevent her from falling.
Her heart was laboring, her breathing shallow. He had taken to much again.

There was a rush of movement somewhere in the dense fog, the vampire screamed, the sound high and filled with fear and rage. Alexandria’s heart nearly stopped. If the vampire was that afraid, what ever was out there was something for her to be terrified of too. She caught Joshua to her, covering his eyes with her hands. They clung together, shaking.
Out of the fog a huge golden bird seemed to materialize. It came in at the beach so fast, it was a blur, talons extended, golden eyes gleaming intensely. The heavy fog swirled, then parted to reveal a shape half human, half bird. Alexandria stifled a scream of her own.
Then the creature became a man, huge, tall and heavily muscled, with bulging arms and a massive chest. His hair was long and blond, flowing in the wind, his body moved with supple fluidity, like a jungle cat stalking it’s pray. His face was shadowed, but she could see eyes like molten gold pinning the vampire in their intensity.
“so we meet at last”. The voice was beautiful, a ripple of notes so pure, the tone seemed to seep into her very soul. He stood relaxed, a perfect reincarnation of a viking warrior. “I have had much work cleaning up the messes you have made around my city, your challenge was quite clear. I could do no other than oblige you”.
The vampire moved backwards putting more space between them. “I never challenged you. I kept my distance.” His voice was so fawning, Alexandria went cold. This hunter was so great a force to be reckoned with that he struck terror into the heart of the vampire

More books in this series are……..

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Dark Guardian
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Dark Celebration.

Once the first book lures you in, ‘trust me’ you will be captivated in to reading the rest.



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