The Vampire Diaries

awakeningstruggle1AT LAST IT’S FINALLY HERE…

How long have we been waiting over here in the UK?…Last night i got to snuggle up and watch the Vampire Diaries, and i have to say ‘it was everything i hoped it would be’.


It’s based around a young girl living in the small town of  Mystic Falls (why can’t i live somewhere that sounds so great?), Elena has recently lost both parents in a car accident, now between her and younger brother Jeremy, they are trying to keep things together and simply make it through each day, But things are always easier said than done. Jeremy has slipped in to a world of drugs to try and escape reality and Elena’s only comfort is to express her thoughts and feelings in a diary (journal).

All is about to change in the town when mysterious Stefan Salvatore returns to his old family home.  Much like the character ‘Edward Cullen’ in Twilight, Stefan is an extremely attractive, intelligent and some what brooding vampire who is drawn towards the unhappy Elena.


When strange (animal) attacks begin to happen to the local residents, you are first led to believe it is Stefan’s doing . Then we are introduced to his older brother Damon who is very wicked in that sexy kind of way 🙂 , it seems that whilst Stefan has spent years living purely from the blood of animals, Damon on the other hand draws off of the strength that can only be found in human blood.

The brothers have a  Hate relationship, with Damon taking a twisted type of pleasure from tormenting the younger Stefan, which can only ever lead to one possible thing…’Trouble’. Elena as you would expect becomes caught up between the two as she begins to fall for Stefan.

vampire-diariesNow all we can do is sit and wait to see what will happen between the 3 of them next, but what ever it is, I bet it will be good.

My hubby is of the opinion that this is all to much like Twilight, even though he still sat and watched it all with me lol!, and i would have to agree that an attractive brooding vampire that only drinks animal blood and is drawn to a helpless human girl does all sound a bit ‘Twilighty’, but that’s probably the whole reason i enjoyed it so much and have become an instant fan.

It seems that we now have 2 more gorgeous vampires to add to the list.

Girls we are in danger of becoming truly spoilt for choice :).

                 EdwardCullen  Bill-Compton aidan-turner-plays-mitchell-vampire--large-msg-123370115099

                              Edward-Twilight                             Bill-True Blood                         Mitchell-Being Human

                                               stefan_310x450              THE VAMPIRE DIARIES

#160;                            Stefan—–The Vampire Diaries—-Damon

               smileyredheart                                                                             oh be still my beating heart.


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