It’s Written In The Stars


It’s all very well for us Twilight fans to sit and picture our lives all cosy and snuggled up tight with either the wonderfully gorgeous and brooding Vampire  Edward Cullen or the fun loving and incredibly ‘Hot’ werewolf  Jacob Black, but as just plain old Robert and Taylor… Hang on!… forget that last part, there’s nothing plain about either of them (silly me…duh!). As i was saying…In reality would any of us actually be compatible with Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner?.  ( Do i hear you all shouting ‘I HOPE SO’!’ at your computers? lol )

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Robert is a TAURUS, so lets take a little look at the Taureans profile-


Taureans are easy to understand. What you see is what you get.  They never do anything quickly. You’ll never catch a Taurus making a snap decision. They also hate change, especially in a relationship because they’re very loyal. Taureans are extremely attractive and creative…They love flowers, music and the arts.

Most Taureans are practical and persevering, solid, reliable, and regular in their habits.  some  have a strong artistic streak which can be expressed in work, hobbies and interests such as music (or acting). They  are quick and clever, highly amusing and can be known for quite an outrageous appearance, but underneath you will find their true nature is one of  talent and very hard work.  Often hating to be rushed or hassled, preferring to work quietly and thoroughly at their own pace. They take relationships very seriously and make safe and reliable partners. They may keep their worries to themselves but they are not usually liars or sexually untrustworthy.

Their virtues are: common sense, loyalty, responsibility and a non-hostile approach to others. They make the best friends and the greatest of  colleagues.


Taylor is an AQUARIUS, so lets see their profile-


The main thing you should know about Aquarians is that ‘they know everything’, there’s nothing that you can tell them that they ‘think’ they don’t know already. They are original, inventive and very smart,Clever, friendly, kind and humane, and some of the easiest people to make friends with, although they never really let anyone in to become close. They are more comfortable in a state of ‘Dreaming’ and living in a fantasy than having to deal with the dull day-to-day routine of family life. Their homes may often reflect on their lack of prioritising between reality and the life inside their heads, leaving things to be  rather messy and unorganized. Aquarians have the talent of  being very patient with the  people around them and this makes them perfect for such careers as Teaching, especially as they are always willing to learn and try something new. Known for being somewhat  eccentric in the way they dress or the way they live, Aquarians often make a point of being ‘different’ and they can usually feel very unsettled and uneasy if made to conform. Their restless  minds mean that they need an alternate kind of lifestyle which stretches them mentally.

When in a relationship, they are surprisingly constant and faithful and they only stray when they know in their hearts that there is no longer anything to be gained from staying put, although some become very attached to the first real commitment in their lives and they can even re-marry a previously divorced partner.

An Aquarian may be a little ‘Quirky’ and often in their own world, but if kept interested and stimulated can be very loyal, most people seem to be drawn to them and you will find that if you know an Aquarian, then you are one on a long list with many other friends.

Find out if you could be the perfect partner for either one of the boys by matching your sign up with theirs on the chart below…


X-not compatible,   ‘Maybe’- you could be good together,    :)-perfect match.

“top” width=”100″>TAURUS

maybe X
LEO X maybe

devil-8533 I’m an Aries- a true fire sign-Impulsive, Quick tempered,  Impatient, and Slightly Daft with a silly and often ‘wicked’ sense of  Humour , So that sadly means I’m ‘Not Compatible’ with Robert.  I guess there’s no point packing up my things and going off in search of him…sigh!.


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