whats wrong with being a twilight mum?

When visiting other Twilight related sites, you’ll often come across comments posted by disgruntled ‘Haters’, moaning about how rubbish they think it is, and some start complaining about us mums (moms), Writing stupid stuff like, ” whats wrong with you, you’re to old for that ” and ” why …




These stories, of which there are currently 14 in total (and counting) are by ‘Christine Feehan’.
Beautifully written, full of danger, passion and the supernatural.
All about the dying Carpathian race, a group of devastatingly attractive, immortals.
Hunters of the ‘Un-dead’, evil Vampires who’s only purpose is to pray on human victims for the powerful ‘high’ …




If you have a love of Vampires and werewolves but have not read these books yet,
‘Where on earth have you been?’

Fantastically writen by author Stephanie Meyers, it all begins with ‘Twilight’ and Bella Swan, a clumsy 17 year old from Arizona.
Bella’s moving to the small town of ‘Forks’ in the state of washington …




funny short poems…

James is really dead
and now Victoria is to,
Laurant was a problem
but the werewolves ran him through,
That means the Volturi’s all that’s left
and now their coming after ‘YOU! ‘



Edward had a little lamb
her name was Bella Swan,
and every where that …




I have always been captivated by ‘the guardians of stone’, the solem way they sit on top of old buildings, silently keeping watch on the world below.
I personally do not find them at all un-attractive as others do.
I would truly love to beleave in the myths of old , claiming that these strange creatures come …



VAMPIRES (no longer what they seem)

Taken from ‘The illustrated movie companion’…

That classic image of a ruined castle atop a craggy peak and a dark passageway within leading to a cobwebbed crypt where vampires slumber in coffins from dawn to dusk? Wrong. That business of vampires being nocturnal, able to turn into bats, and for …