Have you ever sat back and given any thought about the way colours affect you and your mood?.

For example I have a really strong aversion to anything red, this colour in all shades seems to trigger my aggressive nature and leaves me feeling agitated and often extremely snappy,

where as the colour blue, …


Dangerous Tides

coverdrake sisters

Dangerous Tides by Christine Feehan –part of the Drake sisters collection. Libby Drake is one of seven sisters who share a bond so strong it keeps them connected where ever they go even over the oceans. The Drakes are a family of witches whom all have varying degrees of power, but …



If like me you are deeply attracted by the lure of Mythical creatures and think you know all the facts about such legends as Kelpies, Jinn, Griffins and many more, then try out the quiz below…


1; What was Medusa’s hair made of ?




2; If you looked in to Medusa’s eyes what would happen to you?

Become …



Defy the Eagle by Lynn Bartlett-1985.

One of the first grown up books I ever brought for myself as a teenager, and with out a doubt my all time favorite. I have read this book at least once every year since buying it back in 1989, The front cover which is the original and …



I am truly exited to see the new Harry Potter movie ‘The Deathly Hallows’ when it comes out, as parts of it were filmed in the little village of Lavenham, Suffolk (England) which is a mere 7 miles down the road from the village where I live.  location managers working on …