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Have you ever considered what it would be like to actually try out some real magic and use some ancient spells for such things as bringing luck, blessing or protecting someone or even to help with finding love?  Well come and take a look inside the great spell book.

There are a few things you will …



I have no idea why until yesterday I had not seen Letters To Juliet (What’s wrong with me? lol 🙂 ) This is completely and utterly my type of movie, Ok so there are no wickedly hot vampires or any muscle bound werewolves, but it’s sooo romantic.

It all begins when Sophie who is played …


must haves


Rising Darkness
Cynthia Cooke.

Demon hunter, vampire and member of the cadre, Damien Hancock has come to Wolvesrain to help Emma McGovern defend her self against a powerful demon, For if Emma finds true love (and consummates that love) the demon Asmos will fulfill a generations old curse and claim her soul.
Damien knows just how …